burn it

Surf: Burn It To Hook It

As temperatures climb, focusing in on details and trying new things can be the difference between scoring or not.

Catching bass and blues on topwater plugs

Surf: Popper Magic

Fishing artificials is all about having confidence in the lure you are throwing and the way you are fishing it.

Being A Good Steward

Surf: Being a Good Steward

The quality of surf fishing varies through time; species by species, rules by rules, and methods by methods.

Find Your Way

Surf: Find Your Own Way

Showing respect to a fellow caster can foster a sense of camaraderie that could result in a long-term partnership.

Quiet Side

Surf: The Quiet Side

Back bay areas offer easy feeding and offer a more consistent supply of forage over the course of the season than the ocean beaches.

Surf Enough

Surf: When is Enough, Enough?

Walk away, and you will benefit from challenging yourself, and future generations will benefit from having more fish to catch.

Surf What Why

Surf: What, Why, When To Throw

Try to accumulate infor- mation and decipher the code for a given set of conditions, and then se- lect an appropriate lure.