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new jersey
August 6, 2020

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burn it

Surf: Burn It To Hook It

As temperatures climb, focusing in on details and trying new things can be the difference between scoring or not.


Offshore: Mahi-Mahi

Highly prized as a recreational gamefish, mahi-mahi grow fast and have saved the day on more than a few bluewater trips.


Inshore: Dip The Strips

Making sense of fish scents.

More In This Issue

Engel Drybox Coolers

Product Spotlight: Engel Drybox Coolers

The Engel Drybox Cooler is perfect whether you need to keep things hot, cold, dry or all three

soft plastic

Tackle Tip: Zip It Up!

A case can easily be made for the lowly zip-tie as being the unsung hero of the well-prepared angler’s kit here are some examples of its many uses.


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