Black Sea Bass – Page 2 – The Fisherman
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Black Sea Bass

Man in cap with black sea bass. fish net and rod

Sea Bass 101: Bait ‘em Up!

While diamond jigs are great for picking bull sea bass from deep water, go with bait to take home an easy limit of keepers.

Sea Bass: A Rising Star

There is no reason to gear up with heavy gear to crank up doubleheaders for the freezer when you can still fill your limit and have a lot more fun doing it with light tackle.

2018 4 A Changing Fishery Catch

Sea Bass: A Changing Fishery

In the last few decades, managers seem to have found the right formula and the sea bass population has been growing steadily.

Sea Bass: Management Methodology

The black sea bass fishery is jointly managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, ASMFC, and the National Marine Fisheries Service, NMFS. ASMFC issued a Public Information Document for Addendum XXX to the Fishery Management Plan for black sea bass in December 2017, on which they are looking for public comments.

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