Hot Spots – The Fisherman
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Hot Spots


Hot Spot: Glory Hole Pots

Offshore summer Jersey anglers are no doubt focused on tuna, but if the tuna bite doesn’t materialize, there are other…


Hotspot: The Bus Stop

Back in the summer of 2006 I was trying to nail down my jigging technique in the Cape Cod Canal….


End Of An Era: Duke Of Fluke

Combs Bait and Tackle in Amityville, NY has been in business for 34 years. In 1995, the husband-and-wife team of…

Sand City

Hot Spot: Sand City

Its incredible sunsets, isolation and raw beauty make Sand City (W 72.24.14/ N 40.55.10) the most magnificent town beach in…

Hot Spot: Lake Marburg

While the majority of the summer migration sees Pennsylvanians heading east to the Jersey Shore or DELMARVA beaches, Lake Marburg…

Hot Spot: Catch Your PB Striper

I’ve been enjoying these compilation-style hotspot stories so we’re going to keep them going for a while. Since June is…

Hot Spot: Target Rock

Located in the Huntington Township, right next to Caumsett State Park, is none other than Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge….


Hot Spot: Garden State South

In April of 2018, author Tom Pagliaroli covered the Garden State twin sisters – north and south – and noted…


Hot Spot: Jessup Neck

Settled on an 187-acre peninsula tucked between Noyack and Little Peconic Bay’s, Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge, better known…

Images courtesy of New Jersey State Park Service and Google Maps.

Hot Spot: Spruce Run Reservoir

Spruce Run Reservoir’s 1,290 acres of surface area amount to one of New Jersey’s prime hotspots for many species of…


Hot Spot: Noyack Bay

Nestled between the North Haven Peninsula and Jessup Neck, Noyack Bay’s pristine body of water provides plenty of fish catching…


Hot Spot: South Amboy Flats

The initial COVID shutdowns in March of 2020 prompted some real exploratory fishing junkets for me to find new shore-based…


Hot Spot: Wethersfield Cove

Coordinates: 41.43.27, -72.39.27 Wethersfield Cove is more of a pond than it is a cove, but it’s connected to the…

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