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2017 5 Bait Bouncing Bonanza Bouncing3

Bait Bouncing Bonanza

Spring is the perfect time to bounce a fresh bait in a deep outflow; here’s how to make it work for you.

Reading A Beach

Reading A Beach

Being able to separate good water from bad is the key to success when it comes to fishing a sand beach.

Fortescue Beach Map

Fortescue Beach

As many of Jersey’s South/Central surfcasters turn up in force at the convergence of the Mullica and Great Bay, roughly 40 miles south as the osprey flies (and arguably a bit closer to the northern migratory arrival of spring stripers) lies Fortescue Beach along the northern bayshore of Delaware Bay.

7 Sensible Surf Suggestions Marks

7 Sensible Surf Suggestions

A few simple surfcasting tasks for the month of February to get you ready for the spring arrival of bass and blues.

2017 1 Plug Building Needlefishs

Plug Building: Trophy Tackle Needlefish

One of the Striper Coast’s more respected plug builders takes on the Trophy Needlefish, a design that relied heavily on input from legendary surfman Steve Campo.

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