Video – 2022 Striped Bass Study – The Fisherman
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Video – 2022 Striped Bass Study

Join The Fisherman Magazine and Gray Fishtag search on our 2022 striped bass tagging expedition through this exclusive video. Become involved in the tagging and research that Gray offers, contact Roxanne Willmer at 844-824-8353 or email her at where you will find the startup information needed to begin tagging striped bass with green streamer tags. The only fee involved is the cost of the initial tagging kit. All proceeds goes towards their research and science initiatives. The ongoing and future success of the Northeast Striped Bass Study could not be possible without the generous financial support of valued 2022 national sponsors including Steiger Craft, Simrad, AFW/HI Seas, PENN Fishing, the Recreational Fishing Alliance through its Fisheries Conservation Trust, Seaguar, Southernmost Apparel, Van Staal, Fin-Nor and Caterpillar Marine Power. Let’s also not forget about the thousands of Fisherman Magazine readers and dedicated local fishing club partners who have lent their amazing financial support including Berkeley Striper Club, LBI Surf Fishing Classic and the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association, not to mention the incredible individual donations by the Many, Glassberg and Nova families. To learn more about Gray Fishtag Research and how you can make a tax-deductible charitable donation to the 2022 Northeast Striped Bass Study go to

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